ficsstat - website history

2016-11-04 05:34:42

Added an activity indicator to the player list at the main page, inactive player names are shown smaller with weaker colors.

2016-11-03 02:25:43

After 7 years of no progress, I has to move the ficsstat service to a new server. This was a good trigger to rework the whole thing. I've created a new layout using CSS, wrote new scripts for the content creation. Player Images are now build "on the fly" at request, instead of prebuilding them with ploticus. Btw., the ficsstat service is online for more than 15 years now.

2009-01-19 01:49:55

The rating template was rewoked, image creation is working again.

2009-01-17 23:22:16

ploticus was upgraded to version 2.40, need to rework the rating template, image creation stops with an error.

2008-06-28 01:04:31

Complete internal redesign, using a postgresql database for storing and manage data. Players can now subscribe/unsubscribe via a simple message to the ficsstat user, which will be automatically processed within the next 4 hours. Redesign of the website will follow.

2007-05-12 00:49:49

Server was moved to a new location, sorry for the break.

2005-08-26 18:14:05

ploticus upgraded to version 2.31, revised the templates.

2003-12-20 22:50:47

ploticus upgraded to version 2.20, it seems to work.

2003-12-04 02:09:52

ploticus upgraded to version 2.11, it seems to work.

2003-01-05 01:34:35

Add a disclaimer to this page.

2002-08-14 01:14:24

Ok, I am ready now, using ploticus 2.04, hope that all will work fine.

2002-08-13 00:13:44

I have to relocate this website from Luebeck to Hamburg, starting now to setup a new server.

2001-11-19 00:11:15

Upgrading ploticus to version 2.01, adding the new ploticus banner to the init page. Creating a new template which generates an "Opening Report" from the players hstat entrys.

2001-11-10 23:29:26

Upgrading ploticus to version 2.00, after some necessary adjustments my templates now working fine.

2001-11-10 16:41:47

New fics_statget version (1.11), which is first reading the previous values from the local player table, then we do a validity check with the new values fetched from fics, this helps to prevent corrupt tables.